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The Best Hacks of All Time: The Ultimate Collection

Introduction: The Meanings of ‘Hacking’

Best Hacks of all time- Hacking has been a topic of interest for many people over the years. This is due to how it can be used as a tool or as a way to cause harm. It’s important to know the distinctions between hacking and security practices and how they’re used in the modern day world.

There are many different meanings of hacking, but we will focus on three: “security hack”, “computer hack”, and “social hack”. We will also look at some examples that show how these hacks are implemented in our lives or on our society today.

A security hack is an attempted breach of a system’s security, where an individual attempts to break through firewalls or bypass other security measures. The term typically refers to illegal and malicious breaches where the perpetrator does not have authorization to do so, and often for data theft or property destruction.

A computer hack is an exploitation of a program’s bugs, where the hacker employs various methods to exploit vulnerabilities in the system in order to provide themselves with unrestricted access. There are many methods that can be employed during a hacking attempt, including but not limited to social engineering, brute forcing encryption keys, or using third-party programs.

Social hacks are a quick, clever and cost-effective way of solving social problems. A social hack can be as simple as presenting a new idea or strategy that might not have been considered before or can be as complex as implementing an entirely new system for managing the problem.

Best Hacks of all time.

What are the Top 5 Hacks that have Changed the World?

We will be discussing hacks that have changed the world and not just a small part of it. We will be talking about hacking as a whole and not just the hacking of technology.

1. The Wiretapping Hack:

It is, without a doubt, one of the most controversial hacks in history. It is also one of the most important. The wiretapping hack enabled law enforcement to intercept messages from phones and computers without warrants or consent from users or companies by exploiting weaknesses in infrastructure like phone lines and radios which were made decades ago before computers existed.

2. The Google Docs Hack:

It was done by engineers at Google to make their system more efficient and to save time for their customers who were using Google Docs for collaboration purposes. They found that there was a bug that allowed them to create and upload new files without authentication, which they then used to automatically convert existing files into “Google Docs” versions of themselves.

3. The Wi-Fi Hacking Tool

Wi-Fi hacking became possible in 2001 when an engineer named John Trommetter developed a program called AirSnort that could break into wireless networks using WEP encryption by successfully cracking the 24-bit and 40-bit keys. This software made it possible to break into wireless networking and do things like steal internet access, commit cyber crimes, and infect computers with malware.

4. The Graphing Calculator Hack

One of the earliest computer hacks was in 1968 by students in Dartmouth College’s math department. The students hacked the school’s $120 million IBM 1130 computer mainframe to create a simple calculator for their use. This is often considered the first hack in history.

5. The Blockchain technology

It is a revolutionary tool that has already had a dramatic impact on the world. It is a type of open-source software that records and verifies transactions which are then organized into “blocks,” these blocks are linked together in a linear, chronological order. Today, many cryptocurrencies and other types of trading platforms rely on blockchain technology to operate, with prominent examples being Ethereum and Bitcoin.


The most clever hacks are those that provide a unique way to approach problems that often arise in everyday life from a different perspective. These clever hacks can be many years old and yet still be used today and will continue to be used for years to come. These ingenious solutions represent a truly unique way of looking at things, as they often have been done for hundreds of years now.


Samant Jaitli

Samant Jaitli is a Microsoft Security Consultant currently working at Softlanding in Vancouver, Ca. Microsoft Certified DevOPS Engineer and Microsoft Certified O365 Enterprise Administrator Expert. Carry extensive experience working with Microsoft Security Stack with clients ranging from small to large scale. Proficient in deploying, managing, tuning and analysing Microsoft Azure Sentinel as a SIEM and a SOAR, Microsoft Defender ATP, Azure ATP and Microsoft Cloud App Security. Built and created automations around deploying and managing of infrastructure, security, cloud with powershell, python, java script and REST API.


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