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How to Start a Wallpaper Website

How to Start a Wallpaper Website

100$/Day with A Wallpaper Website in 4 months – (No Competition) Tutorial

How to Start a Wallpaper Website:

A wallpaper’s website is a great way to get the best high-quality images, and it’s also an excellent opportunity to make some money. Whether you want to build your own wallpapers site or hire someone else to do it for you, this post will show you how. The steps are fairly simple and easy! Let’s get started with creating your awesome new wallpaper business.

The tutorial aims to teach readers how to create a wallpaper website. It will take you through all the steps, from finding your niche, designing your site, and marketing it effectively. You can make around 100$/day with this business model in just four months! There are no competitors at the moment so you have an opportunity to get ahead of other people who may want to start their own wallpaper site businesses. 

It’s time for me to show you how I made an extra $100 dollars every day with my wallpaper website that has no competition right now!

Also, you don’t even need to write a bunch of huge articles.

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1. Why wallpaper websites are a good idea

I can’t tell how many times I’ve been browsing the web and come across a wallpaper that I absolutely love. For some reason, though, it’s never had a link to where you could download it from – usually because the image was hosted on another website entirely! This is why there should be more websites dedicated to sharing wallpapers with their users. A Wallpaper Website will make your life easier as you’ll know exactly how to find new images whenever you need them.

In this blog post, we’re going to talk about how starting a wallpaper website can help both yourself and others who are looking for a specific type of background or design on their desktop or phone screen. You may have seen other blogs which claim that setting up one of these websites is a difficult process, they’re entirely wrong.

There is not much competition in this genre and still not taken much seriously. See the results and decide for yourself.

This is my website Trafoos

After just 4 months of content creation, I started getting around 500 users a day. People started linking to it and the site started growing.

If you have been in blogging you know it never gets started this early and with just images and no big paragraphs.

I would prefer this any day over publishing 100’s of articles and waiting for 12 months to get a user. And no you don’t get DMCA on copyright-free images.

2. Find a niche and Domain Name

The next step is to decide on a niche. You can for sure just create a website on the general wallpapers niche which covers every type of them. But, usually having a micro-niche helps a lot. Some of the niches which come to my mind are:

  • Gaming Wallpapers
  • Tech Wallpapers
  • Phone Wallpapers
  • Copyright Free Wallpapers
  • Desktop Wallpapers
  • Icons Wallpapers
  • Minimal Wallpapers
  • Anime Wallpapers

Once you have decided on a niche, the next step is to look for a domain name. Start brainstorming what you want your brand name and make a list of them. Select what is available and go for it.

Bonus Tip: You can look for expired domains as well with good authority here:


Just sign up (it’s free ) and search for wallpapers or whatever you want to use. It will show up lots of domains that are just expired or available to buy.

If you are still confused, go to the next step and try looking for a domain there.

3. Start by buying a domain and hosting 

The first step is to set up a domain and hosting so you are able to create your website.

Now, what type of Hosting you choose matters a lot. It makes a day and night difference in where you are after 4 months.

Trust me when I say this- I have dealt with and tested almost all types of different hosting providers out there ranging from Godaddy, Namehero, A2Hosting to name a few.

The only hosting provider I would recommend is Siteground and the following are the reasons so you are making a smart decision:

  • They have the best speeds and cache plugins out there.
  • Their admin panel is really simple ( not Cpanel ). It’s really easy to understand and work with.
  • They provide 24×7 chat support. – No other hosting provider does this. They only provide chat on billing and not on technical. Whereas, with Siteground they have always been there. ( This matters way more than you think ).
  • They have really amazing prices.

Okay, enough with the review. Let’s get you set up.


Click on the link above and sign up for WordPress hosting. Choose your domain name and install WordPress ( they will have an easy automatic setup ).

Once this is done you can start setting up your wallpaper’s website.

You can use the default WPBakery Builder or Divi Builder.

I personally have been using Divi for all my web designs. If you want to go all in and use that here is the link for that:

Divi Builder

It is a totally visual builder and all edits are done on the front end.

4. Research keyword competition and find the best keywords for your niche 

Once your website is set up and good to go the next step is to look for keywords to rank for.

The best way is to use an SEO tool like UberSuggest or Semrush and make your keywords lists. Look for keywords with less than 30 Keyword difficulty to start with.

Don’t worry about volume as they pile up together to get a huge audience. Here is an example of a few keywords:

5. Find good quality wallpapers that you can use on your website 

Once you have your keyword it’s time for your first post. Let’s start with finding 10 copyright-free wallpapers that you can download and upload to your websites.

You can use websites like Unsplash which offer copyright-free usage of wallpapers.

Once you have your wallpapers which you like proceed to the next steps.

6. Download the wallpapers to your computer and upload them onto your site 

Download the wallpapers you like and save them on your computer. Rename those files and put your keyword on them. For example:

Naruto Wallpaper 1

Naruto Wallpaper 2 and so on.

Next, create a new post on your WordPress website, put the keyword in the title, and start uploading the wallpapers.

View this for reference: Akatsuki Wallpapers

If you are using Divi like me, follow the following link to add a Download button below your images.

Download Button

7. Optimize the site by adding in SEO tactics like keywords, meta descriptions, alt tags, etc., while being mindful of how Google crawls websites and what they look for in search results pages

Congratulations. You have your first post published now! The next steps are to optimize your post and website for the best SEO performance.

First, you would need an SEO plugin so google starts ranking your posts.

I recommend, Rank Math as it’s cheaper and offers a lot of different features and especially for ranking images individually.

Sign up here.

Rank Math

Once done, download the plugin and install it on your website.

Now, if you go back to your post you must be seeing an area to add in keywords.

Make sure to add your Focus Keyword, Edit Snippet, and add additional keywords.

You would see all recommendations in the Basic SEO area.

8. Make sure all pages load quickly by optimizing images and scripts with Google PageSpeed Insights tool

Google algorithm changes very frequently but the one thing that has remained consistent recently is how fast your website loads. Google has started to put lots of attention to that and it hugely impacts your rankings.

Make sure to set up SG Optimizer settings and include Lazy Load on images. Another tip is to try uploading images with a max 150KB in size.

Avoid installing any unnecessary plugins. Other than that you should be fine with Siteground servers as they are pretty quick.

You can review your page speed here:



Both of these websites also show recommendations of how you can improve. Pay extra attention to mobile scores.

9. Add ads to the bottom of every page, which will generate revenue for you as well as provide free content for visitors 

Once you have a good amount of posts on your website, you should already be seeing some traffic in the course of the first 3 months.

The next step is to set up Google Adsense for your earnings.

Sign up here and put in your Application: https://www.google.com/adsense/

Google has the ability to automatically place ads for you on the website, just do that and it will maximize your earnings.

Let us know if you have any questions in the comment below.


10. Bonus Tip: Start Posting on Pinterest

Pinterest is an underrated software that helps greatly in getting lots of visitors to the website.

To do that, whenever you create a post. Go to Canva

and search for Pinterest Pin: 

Create your post of wallpaper and easily publish it to Pinterest.

This trick has helped me get around 15k views a month just from that platform.

Have a look for yourself. https://www.pinterest.ca/trafoos/

Thanks and enjoy the setup.

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Samant is a Microsoft Security Consultant currently working in Vancouver, Ca. Microsoft Certified DevOPS Engineer and Microsoft Certified O365 Enterprise Administrator Expert. Carry extensive experience working with Microsoft Security Stack with clients ranging from small to large scale. Proficient in deploying, managing, tuning and analyzing Microsoft Azure Sentinel as a SIEM and a SOAR, Microsoft Defender ATP, Azure ATP and Microsoft Cloud App Security. Built and created automations around deploying and managing of infrastructure, security, cloud with PowerShell, python, java script and REST API.


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